01. Tazio Nuvolari

Castel d’Ario (Mantua). The house in which Nuvolari was born, on 16 November 1892

Tazio Giorgio Nuvolari was born in Castel d’Ario, not far from Mantua, on the 16th November 1892 at 9 in the morning. Tazio was the fourth son of Arturo Nuvolari (1863-1938, a well off farmer) and his wife Elisa Zorzi (1864-1943, a housewife from Trento).
Tazio was a very lively and active boy.
He didn’t like studying: sports were more interesting for him. His father was a quite good cyclist, while his brother Giuseppe was a champion: the latter won the Italian National Championship several times, scoring some success even abroad in the speed track and in the very first races behind motorcycles. The young Tazio had always felt a great admiration for his uncle, always trying to imitate him.